I am an artist and sociologist working with radio, text and performance. I often work collaboratively. 

These days I also make radio stations of varying durations and scales. SkottegatenFM was a mini-FM radio station transmitting daily from my dining room table for three months including neighborhood street party broadcasts. In 2021 I launched an ongoing city-wide community AM + FM radio station called Radio Multe 93.8FM, inspired by  multebær (cloudberries). We broadcast at select times.  

In 2022 I joined the international feminist radio group, Shortwave Collective.  Most recently I have been working with radio interference and created an unnamed shadow/ jamming radio station next to Radio Multe. I am currently working on a piece for broadcast, "Seijo and her Soul" and on an essay, "Re-imagining the Radio Station," about the radio station as an artistic form. 

Sociologically, my focus has been on subjectivities in post-capitalist politics as a member of the Community Economies Collective and on performance, critical and auto-ethnographic methods.

I live in Bergen, Norway, where I am an Artistic Research Fellow at the Faculty for Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen.