Karen Werner
kwerner (at) montaguema.net

     Summary Biography:
Karen Werner is a radio artist and sociologist. Her radio pieces have been broadcast on community and public radio stations across Europe, North America, Australia, and Israel and have been part of numerous live events and art exhibitions. She leads workshops internationally on radio art production and listening and has a biweekly low-power FM radio show called Sketchpad, a creative radio sonic zine. She serves on the undergraduate faculty at Goddard College. 
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology  •Brandeis University, MA                  
Dissertation: A Sociology of Contemporary Activist Art, 1990-2004
Masters of Education • Harvard University, MA                                                              
Bachelor of Arts in Semiotics & Anthropology • Brown University, RI      
      Additional Training:
Creative Field Recording, Expanded Sound Design • Union Docs, NY
Mentorship with Audio Producer Sherre DeLys                                          Sensory Ethnography Master Class • EMPAC, Troy, NY                              Making it Sing • Center for Documentary Studies, NC                            Full Spectrum Storytelling • Union Docs, NY                                                                                         
     Selected Professional Employment:
Faculty Member, BA & BFA in Socially Engaged Art • Goddard College, Plainfield, VT  (Part-time, low residency, non-traditional students) 2001-

Undergraduate Program Coordinator • Goddard College, Plainfield, VT,  2013-2017

Visiting Faculty • Hampshire College, Amherst, MA , Spring 2016

Tending Space Fellow • Hemera Foundation, Boulder, CO  2014-2016

Director of Montague Farm Zen House • Zen Peacemakers, Montague, MA, Cross-class community organizing inspired by Catholic Worker model,  2008-2010                          

Adjunct Faculty in Sociology • University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Amherst MA ,2002-2008
     Selected Radio and Audio Work:   
“Sketchpad,” biweekly creative radio sonic zine on WMCB 107.9 FM in Greenfield, MA with livestream, November 2018-present
“The Psyche & Cupid Radio Hour,” collaboration with Dilşa Perinçek, simultaneous live broadcast on Sketchpad (WMCB 107.9 FM in Greenfield MA) and Radiophrenia (87.9 FM Glasgow, Scotland), May 20, 2019
“A Chance Encounter,” collaboration with Yvette Janine Jackson, Bojana S. Knežević, and Katarina Petrović, Orange 94.0 FM,
Vienna, Austria, March 2019
 “What is Collaboration?” with Deanna Shoemaker, Radia FM,  invited by Wave Farm, May 2018
“Covenant of the Tongue” + “Zirkus,” Kunstradio, Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), Austria, April 22, 2018, Re-broadcast on Borealis, Bergen, Norway, 2019
“You Will Not See Me Die,” collaboration with Wendy Call, Earshot, Australian Broadcast Corporation, 2017
“Seaweed,” Right Ear Dominant, Earlid, curated by Joan Schuman, 2017; Re-broadcast on RTE Lyric FM Ireland, 2017
“Strange Radio, Episodes 1-5,” Orange 94.0 FM, Vienna, Austria, November-December 2016
“Swimming in Butterflies,” Soundproof, Australian Broadcast Corporation, 2016. Re-broadcast on RTE Lyric FM Ireland and ConstellationsAudio Podcast, 2018

“She Stops Watches,” Carte Blanche, Montreal, Quebec, February 2016  

“Laws of Lost and Found Objects,” Earshot, Australian Broadcast Corporation, June & December 2015, Winner of Grand Prix Marulić, 2016

“Slow Down, Mr. Werner,” Radiotonic, Australian Broadcast Corporation, 2015
“Kilfinane Loop,” Radiophrenia, Glasgow, Scotland 2015

“Resonance 1 & 2,” Deep Listening Festival, Troy, NY, 2014

“Montague Ball Drop,” Kinokophone Sound Cinema, Lincoln Center Library for Performing Arts, NY, 2014
    Selected Exhibitions: Sound Installations/ Live Performance: 
“Strange Radio: Live,” immersive sound installation performance in a former church with transmitter, radios and live narration.
Radical Interconnectedness Fest, Turners Falls, MA, April 2019
“The Wyrd (Three Fates),” collaborative live radio performance created with participants in workshop I led at Media
Lab, Aalto University to launch Ääniaalto IV Sound Art Festival, Helsinki, Finland, March 2019
“A Chance Encounter,” 8-channel collaborative sound installation with Yvette Janine Jackson, Bojana S. Knežević, and Katarina
Petrović, Tonspur Kunstverein Wien, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria, February -April 2019
“Haus, Part 2, Zirkus,” 8-channel sound installation, Tonspur Passage at Town Hall, Maribor, Slovenia, November 2018-
February 2019
“A Chance Event,” 8-channel collaborative sound installation with Yvette Janine Jackson, Bojana S. Knežević, and Katarina
Petrović, Tonspur Passage at Town Hall, Maribor, Slovenia, part of Computer Art Festival WFMR, November 2018    
“Haus, Part 1, Covenant of the Tongue,” 8-channel sound installation, Tonspur Passage at Town Hall, Maribor, Slovenia,
June 10-October 24, 2018
“Haus, Part 2, Zirkus,” 8-channel sound installation with artistic contributions from Reni Hofmüller, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Elisabeth
Kelvin and der Sprechchor directed by Bruno Pisek, Tonspur Kunstverein Wien, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria,
May 28, 2018-August 28, 2018
“Haus, Parts 1 & 2,” 8-channel sound installation, central piece of exhibition “Tonspur 76_Expanded: Karen Werner’s HAUS,
Plus A Group Of Works Circling About Holocaust Postmemory And The Stranger,” curated by Georg Weckwerth,
Projectroom MAG3, Vienna, Austria, February 22-March 23, 2018
“Haus, Part 1, Covenant of the Tongue,” 8-channel sound installation, Tonspur Kunstverein Wien, MuseumsQuartier,
Vienna, Austria, December 4, 2017-February 24, 2018
Featured artist on Earlid, online radio and audio arts platform curated by Joan Schuman: October - December 2018
WMTQ pop-up radio, 6-hour collaborative narrowcast from cupola of Montague Bookmill, Montague, MA, September 2017
Invited Artist, Saturday Afternoon Show with Tom Roe, Wave Farm, WXGC 103.9 FM, Acra, NY, July 29, 2017

Featured Radio Artist, Radio Art 106 FM, produced and curated by Meira Asher, Haifa, Israel, Dec. 25, 2016 + Jan. 1, 2017

“Laws of Lost and Found Objects,” Soundings: Protest|Politics|Dissent, Power Plant Gallery, Duke University, NC, January 10-February 18, 2017.    
“Jetzt Höre Ich/ Now I Hear,” radio piece for Live Art Magazine, Academy of Music, Northampton, MA,
October 21, 2016. Presented at International Features Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, curated by Brit Jensen
and Viola Jezkova, May 2018 and at Yle Radio Features Department, Helsinki, Finland, curated by Outi Rossi,
January 2019
      Selected Publications:
Shoemaker, D. & Werner, K. (Forthcoming in Fall 2019). Listening and Becoming: An Audio Autoethnographic
Collaboration. With accompanying audio piece, “What is Collaboration?” International Review of Qualitative Research.
Werner, K. (Forthcoming in Summer 2019). Covenant of the Tongue. For [In]Transition, Special Double Issue on
Audiography, Guest Editors Neil Verma and Jacob Smith.
Werner, K. (Forthcoming in 2019). In Praise, In Praise of the Radio Autoethnography: A Radio Collage. Qualitative
Inquiry.  (online versión published…
Werner, K. (2017). Autoethnography as a Way of Being (Radiophonic). International Review of Qualitative  
      Research,  10(1), 97-100.

Gansworth, L. & Werner, K. (2016). First Medicine: Stories of Water & Now. Rethinking Marxism: Special Issue on
Marxism and Spirituality, 28(3), 385-396.

Werner, K. (2015). Performing Economies of Care in a New England Time Bank and Buddhist Community. In G.
Roelvink, K. St. Martin, & J.K. Gibson-Graham (Eds.), Making Other Worlds Possible: Performing Diverse Economies (pp. 72-97). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
Werner, K. (2007). Understanding and Reclaiming Money Creation: Our Experiences Creating the North Quabbin
Time Bank. In J. Allard, C. Davidson, and J. Matthaei (Eds.), Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and
Planet (pp.139-154). Chicago: ChangeMaker Publications.
      Selected Professional and Community Presentations:
“Strange Radio, Live! Listening to the Deep Connection: A Lecture-Performance-Transmission” ArtNow Visiting Artist public talk, Monmouth University, NJ, forthcoming on October 16, 2019

“Radical Interconnectedness Fest Artists Panel,” Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA, April 28, 2019

“Strange Radio as Method,” Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Amherst College, Amherst, MA, March 25, 2019

 “Working Collaboratively,” with Deanna Shoemaker, Autoethnography Special Interest Group, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, May 2018.

“Politics of Storytelling,” invited presenter Prix Bohemia Radio Festival, Olomouc, Czech Republic, March 2018

“Ghost’s Radio: Art, Research, Possibilities” invited presenter for Spaces Beyond: Parallax Forum Network, Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland, November 2017

 “The Art of Postmemory,” public workshop at Limmud Wien, VHS Polycollege, Vienna, Austria, November 2017

“Sounding Autoethnographic Performance: Radio, Song and Digital Audio as Inquiry,” co-organizer of panel.  Presenter, “Strange Radio: Radiophonic Space and Performance Autoethnography,” International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, May 2017

“Audio Autoethnography,” workshop leader and podcast contributor for “Poetic Mobilities,” International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, May 2016

“Audio Ethnography: Art and Politics of Knowledge Production,” International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, May 2015

“Telling Sound Stories,” invited presenter for Smith College seminar organized by Dr. Julio Alves, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

“Audio Hearth,” co-founder (with Tina Antolini in 2013), now co-organizer (with Andrew Leland) of western Massachusetts free radio and audio listening events with guest curators, 2013-present
     Selected Courses Taught:
Making the Word Incarnate, the Body a Text(BFA in Socially Engaged Art course), partly online Art & Ideas semester course about the lecture-performance as artistic form, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, spring 2019

“Radio Art: Listening to the Deep Connection” (BFA in Socially Engaged Art course), partly online Materials & Methods semester course for learning about, producing and performing radio art; student final projects broadcast on WGDR 91.1 FM at Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, fall 2018

“Poetics and Politics of Nonfiction Audio Storytelling,” semester course in production, theory and listening; student final projects broadcast on Hampshire’s Yurt Radio, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, spring 2016
“True Stories: Adventures in Nonfiction Storytelling,” dual enrollment free college semester course for Vermont high schoolers. Student pieces broadcast on WGDR 91.1 FM at Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, spring 2015

“Audio Storytelling,” nine-day audio story production intensive, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, January 2014
     Selected Workshop Teaching:
Visiting Artist, Radio Audity! Media Lab, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, led two-day radio art production workshop free and open to the public culminating in a pirate radio performance broadcast, March 2019
Visiting Artist, Radio Autoethnography, production, theory and live broadcasts on Orange 94.0 FM, Vienna, Austria. Workshops for Phd-in-Practice Program, Akademie der Bildenden Künste (March 2018) and at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien as part of Ricarda Denzer’s seminar “Horvergessen” (March 2018, March 2019)
Visiting Artist, Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland, production, theory and broadcasts of Ghosts Radio (memory, haunting, justice); both episodes broadcast on Orange 94.0 FM in Vienna (October 2017, March 2018)
“Politics of Storytelling,” Megapolis, Philadelphia, PA; HearSay Audio Arts Festival, Kilfinane, Ireland, September 2017
Art Reviews and Interviews:
“Strange Radio Elicits Deep Listening,” by Trish Crapo, Montague Reporter, March 27, 2019
“Strange Radio, Radical Interconnectedness,” Interview with Monte Belmonte, 93.9 FM The River, April 2019
“Zapotec Language and the Language of Radio,” Interview on InContrast: A Podcast on Culture in the Making with Ilan Stavans, New England Public Radio (NEPR), February 12, 2018
“Undulating Fabric of Time” and “Haunting: A Conversation with Karen Werner,” by Joan Schuman, Earlid, Fall 2018
“Listening to the Deep Connection, KW Interview with Frank Jodicke,” Skug MusikKulture, February 2018
Also appears in German in DAVID: Judische KultureZeitschrift, December 2018
      Grants, Awards and Honors:
Art Residencies:
     Monson Arts Center, Monson, ME, 2019
     Elektronmusikstudion with Yvette Janine Jackson, Stockholm,
             Sweden , 2019
      Kone Foundation’s Saari Residence, Mynämäki, Finland, 2019
      Mobile Art Lab Residency, Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice,   
             Poland, 2017-2018
      MuseumsQuartier at invitation of Tonspur Kunstverein Wien,
             Austria, 2017
       studio das weisse haus, Vienna, Austria, 2016
       Vermont Studio Center funded by Hemera Foundation, 2014

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Fellowship for “Strange Radio,”  2017-2018
Grand Prix Marulić for Radio Documentary, “Laws of Lost and Found Objects,” 2016

Alternate • Fulbright Core Scholar (Faculty) Fellowship, Cork, Ireland, 2015-2016

Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellow,2014-2016

Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant for Audio Production, 2014+ 2019                                                                                                                

American Sociological Association Sydney Spivack Community Action Research Award for Research on Community Enterprises, 2005
Professional Development (Travel) Grant • Goddard College annually 2001-present 
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